S10 Pro Direct Drive Servo Valve

The S10 Pro represents the worlds most powerful NG10 direct drive valve

Customise your valve to your specifications


The Domin S10 Pro offers a powerful alternative for NG10 applications

The S10 Pro redefines the art of the possible for a high flow Direct Drive Valve.  It’s compact size belies a flow performance that competes with many larger two and three stage valves. This performance is achieved with a minimum power draw and leakage loss. The S10 Pro is the valve of choice where power output and low leakage are required.

Rated Flow

Up to 250 lpm (at 70 Bar ∆P)

Maximum Flow

475 lpm

Frequency Response

> 150 Hz (-3 dB, up to +/-25 % FS)


< 0.2 %

Power Consumption

< 30 W at rated flow


< 1.5 kg

Rotary to Linear Valve Concept

The S10 Pro gains its advantage from operating the spool valve through a simple crank mechanism. The key to success has been the development of a crank which achieves both high efficiency with near complete absence of backlash. A number of patents cover the features that have led to the design success of the S10 Pro. A metallic membrane provides a fluid barrier separating the rotating elements of the valve from the electrical elements of motor and transducer. The configuration removes the need for rotary and internal high pressure seals.

Design enabled by the revolution of Additive Manufacturing

To solve the inherent challenges of the rotary valve concept, Domin engineers have had to use the full design freedom afforded by AM. It has resulted in a unique patented concept using a flexure within the AM spool to accommodate the lateral motion from the roller bearing drive. The result is a valve with elegant simplicity using the minimum of component parts. Complexity is limited to a few AM components.

Innovation in Design

The remarkable valve performance has been the result of many thousands of hours of analysis, using the latest finite element and computational fluid dynamic tools. Product reliability is assured through thousands of hours of development testing together with a full fatigue evaluation of each deliverable valve.

Innovation for Performance

Domin have brought together the key benefits of a rotary motor drive and Additive Manufacturing to create an exciting blend of performance and size surpassing all other servo valve technologies.

Low Power Consumption / High Dynamics

Domin has been able to achieve exceptional performance and low power consumption. It sets a new industry benchmark in terms of bandwidth over the full operating range of amplitudes.

Low Internal Leakage

The valve employs Domin’s patented rotary valve technology to achieve exceptional dynamic performance with minimal internal leakage. The total on centre leakage for the axis cut valve is typically less than 1 % of maximum flow.

Unsurpassed Power to Weight

The 250 lpm version (@70 bar ∆P) weighs only 1.5 kg and occupies a volume of less than 700 cc. It can achieve a bandwidth in excess of 100 Hz at up to 25 % input command.

Custom Configure to Your Specification

Our online configuration tool allows you to tailor each valve to your particular requirements. Flow-gain and valve lap condition can be set precisely to your needs using our unique sliding scale. Additionally, key interfaces can be chosen from a comprehensive range of alternatives.

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