Cutting Edge Technology

Domin use the transformative technological freedom of Additive Manufacturing to redesign products from first principles creating the new state of the art fluid power technologies.

Discover the Meticulous Design and Engineering

Domin take a holistic approach to design which encompasses the entire spectrum of the product carrying out trades throughout the process. All engineering and economic requirements are traded throughout to develop the most efficient products.

Additive Manufacturing allows degrees of freedom not previously possible requiring the latest technology and techniques to effectively carry out ever more complex engineering tasks.

Innovation from the ground up

  • Foundation Engineering

    2D design drawings are made with supporting engineering calculations used to refine and finalise the product specification. Market surveys and competitor analysis is used to create a clear market edge as well as carrying out initial cost estimates to create a foundation holistic view of the product.

  • Concept Design

    State of the art solid modelling begins using CAD software. This, coupled with detailed calculations, finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamics software allows a high fidelity concept to be designed and analysed efficiently and accurately.

    Skill is in the Engineer
  • Evaluation Testing

    Alongside concept design, evaluation testing allows complex design decisions based on evidence otherwise difficult to gather, meaning no stone is left unturned.

  • Detail Design

    After a formal concept design review, detailed engineering design can take place and detailed cost models created. Sub-contractors are engaged at the start of this stage in order to facilitate manufacturing as quickly as possible.

    Computation Fluid Dynamics Additive Manufacturing
  • Product Testing

    Assembly and test is carried out in house at a bespoke facility allowing high power and highly accurate tests to take place.

Custom Engineering Designs

Domin specialise in engineering solutions where additive manufacturing is at the heart of the design. There is a wide range of experience across many market sectors including fluid power, servo products and additive manufactured structures. A thorough database of structural properties of metal additive manufacturing has been developed to inform the design process.